Had a fabulous chat with Doug Kayne about comedy and comics! This one’s a fun one to listen to.

Bio: Doug Kayne is an award-winning improv comedian and one-third of the comedy trio, Those Four Misfits (http://ThoseFourMisfits.com).  He has been performing improv comedy professionally in one form or another since 1994.  In addition, he has created web series (”Turning the Page”, “Janey and Ira”), written a made-for-TV movie (”Romantic Comedy 101), and spent countless hours on the comedy stage.

He has performed comedy at the Ice House, Flappers, and The Comedy Store, as well as a featured performer at Wizard World LA, Orccon, and Strategicon.  In his spare time, he teaches high school and adds to his growing comic book collection.  He hates writing bios.  http://DougKayne.com

By day, Doug is a teacher, director, and board member of Joy Theatre (http://joytheatre.com).

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