Eva talks to Ryan Sawyer, creator of Lightning Monk about Epilepsy and disability awareness in comics, building an authentic story, and growing up with a chronic health condition. Ryan discusses going through life with his disability, and what inspired him to create the Lightning Monk comic book. He also talks about his philosophy, and the value of positivity, and tells stories about working in the printing and graphic design sectors, as well as being a full-time RV’er in Arizona.

Bio: Ryan has a degree in fine art and has worked in illustration/design/prepress & color in print media for 25 years. He’s from Kent Ohio, and went full-time RV 2 years ago to pursue indie comics and photography. He’ll be crowdfunding a collected graphic novel of this first arc shortly!

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Eva Webb
Eva Webb
Eva Webb is a comics and genre historian, focusing on the weird and the interesting. Presently serving her sixth term as the dually elected antifascist nerd queen of Twitter. She's the host of Titular Characters but she can also be found on the Nerdfect Strangers Podcast.