Head Shot For Sure 225x300Eva Talks to Mike Phillips about his work at the Sequart Organization, as well as his comics Necropolitan, and Tessellation. The conversation spans contemplating the multiverse, music, imagining hell, and the things that make Mike tick as a creative talent. We learn about his love of comics, and his teaching career, as well as insights about love, family, and storytelling.

Bio: Mike Phillips is the editor-in-chief of Sequart Organization. He’s produced books like Grant Morrison: The Early Years and The British Invasion, as well as documentaries like Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods, She Makes Comics, and The Image Revolution. Recently he’s published his own comics series Necropolitan.

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Eva Webb
Eva Webb
Eva Webb is a comics and genre historian, focusing on the weird and the interesting. Presently serving her sixth term as the dually elected antifascist nerd queen of Twitter. She's the host of Titular Characters but she can also be found on the Nerdfect Strangers Podcast.