ELLIE PROFILE 300x300Ellie describes her journey with comics, and the joy of creating and selling her comics for an all-ages market. Ellie lives through the joy of comics, spreading it to the people she talks to, and children she teaches in primary school. It’s a positive and uplifting interview with an up and coming personality in the industry.

Bio: The first comic book ever read to me was Batman #500. It was a time when Bruce Wayne was not wearing the cape and cowl. Since then, comic books have been at the heart of everything that I do. I have studied comics, I teach with comics and now I write and edit comics. After the successful debut of my first all-ages graphic novel, Power Punch Boot Camp, I have continued to write independent comic book scripts and I have worked with the publisher, Fair Spark Books, as editor. I am also a casual contributor to the Valkyries!

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Eva Webb
Eva Webb
Eva Webb is a comics and genre historian, focusing on the weird and the interesting. Presently serving her sixth term as the dually elected antifascist nerd queen of Twitter. She's the host of Titular Characters but she can also be found on the Nerdfect Strangers Podcast.